Lisa M – gain strength and confidence

“More than just a gym! I would highly recommend FunFit to anyone who is looking to gain strength and confidence as well as to anyone looking to improve their performance in other sports.

As a distance runner, cyclist and dragon-boat racer, I had felt that my sport practices combined with my regular home conditioning were sufficient for my fitness and performance. I first went to a FunFit Elements class simply for something to do with a friend and I have loved it since and have been going back on a regular basis.

Small class sizes allow for a good level of coaching and attention from the trainer and the atmosphere of the facility combines fun with purpose and intent. The gym’s motto of “better than yesterday” is evident through the progressive training and variety of interesting exercises, with a focus on form, proficiency and strength building rather than merely calories burned.

After just a few classes, I not only noticed an improvement in my overall strength and confidence but also in my performance in my other sports as well. Awesome gym, I highly recommend!”

Mike G. on fitness and strength around the home

“I now carry 2 x 15kg containers of chlorine about 40 meters from the front to the back of the house. I get 8 containers delivered at a time, and I do that 4 times with hardly a puff of effort needed!
I used to use a trolley but now, thanks to the fitness and strength gained through your excellent guidance, I don’t need it.”
– Mike G.

John O. on benefits of the foam roller

Tim, thanks again for your demo yesterday afternoon on using the foam roller. I was always under the impression that as long as you felt OK (i.e. no sore points) then that indicated that the body was basically relaxed. Your simple demo yesterday has blown this particular perspective wide apart. I just had no idea that the body could so effectively hide stresses, etc..


Mike G. on some benefits of training

Benefits of training

Tim’s personal approach and genuine concern for my well being and progress is unique, and his advice on diet, exercise and mental/emotional balance means I enjoy a well-rounded health regime.

I have seen enormous benefits from attending FunFit and I have now made it a significant priority in my life.

I have been a client at FunFit for almost a year; I attend twice a week for a personal training session of 30 minutes each. In that time I have benefited greatly from Tim Brown’s skill and advice on how to get myself functionally fit and live an easier and physically stronger life. This means now doing things around my home and in life generally that require physical exertion with ease and enjoyment rather than with concern, physical damage and fatigue.

Tim challenges me every time with new and innovative exercises to test and strengthen and gain more flexibility in my body. Tim carefully tailors each session depending on my needs and progress, and also takes into account my stress, fatigue, and other personal health factors. This means that, unlike some other gyms I have attended, he avoids overloading me when I am fragile, and also creates a variety of exercises to keep me interested and motivated.

In addition, Tim is always full of encouragement and praise when I get through difficult exercises or sessions, but he is not afraid to correct me when I need it. He tracks my progress and has been able to show me through the performance numbers and graphs he keeps on my on how I have improved over time. This is great feedback and very helpful to see.

I highly recommend anyone interested in getting fitter and staying that way to see Tim at FunFit.

Yours sincerely,

Mike G.

Kate G.

(Speaking about her son) “Oh yes – a great thrill for him as he tends to be the person who doesn’t stick with things and so never gets to the reward part. Well done you! As you have maintained the interest level.

Adam D.

There are many skills we can learn in life. I have found self defence training a value skill in my life. For me it more than the physical skills but the mental and people skills. Self Defence training has given me the confidence to speak up when I have something to say, to say the things that need to be said. Help me be the person I want to be. Thanks Tim keep up the training and awareness.

Ele P. (aged 11)

I have been a competitive middle-distance runner for four years and I wanted to improve my strength for the longer distances. FunFit has improved my overall fitness, especially my upper-body strength, and has given me the edge.

Tim’s classes are always interesting and fun because each class is different and challenging. Tim shows me how to do the exercises properly and is always telling me to eat good food! My mum is so impressed with Tim’s professionalism that she now goes to FunFit too.

I also started Fun Defence Kids this year and my friends and I are enjoying learning how to keep safe while respecting others

Sarah M.

Coming to the gym has been one of the best things that’s happened to me.

It changed everything.

Before I was afraid to try because I thought I would fail.

Now I show up and you challenge me and I think I can do

it and then say “What’s next?!”

The super can-do attitude is now a part of life.

Julia Eagles – Neighbourhood Watch Gordon Area Coordinator

Tim was an excellent speaker at our local Gordon Area 24/12 Neighbourhood Watch AGM. He spoke about personal safety issues and self defence strategies.

Thank you, Tim, for an interesting, useful and entertaining presentation. You came over as very professional, well-informed and easy to follow. Everyone said they appreciated your talk. You did a great job and I shall make sure other NHW groups know. Thanks indeed.