Fitness class for Kids (8-12)

Fitness class for kids FunFit

Kids Fitness class for kids (8-12 year olds).

A great combination of fun, fitness and positive habits.
Specifically tailored for growing bodies!

Help your youngster:

  • Develop strength and physical skill
  • Foster teamwork and positive attitude
  • Improve balance, agility and coordination
  • Gain in self confidence and self esteem
  • Learn basic bodyweight exercise, and how to handle weights safely
  • Have fun in a friendly, supportive, structured environment

The philosophy of the class is that kids want to do what they enjoy doing, but also that older kids relish a challenge…
…so make the class something that they enjoy doing and gives them that challenge!

Classes are structured to be fun, while developing important skills and abilities, and to make good, frequent movement a habit.

(Speaking about her son) “Oh yes – a great thrill for him as he tends to be the person who doesn’t stick with things and so never gets to the reward part. Well done you! As you have maintained the interest level.
I have been a competitive middle-distance runner for four years and I wanted to improve my strength for the longer distances. FunFit has improved my overall fitness, especially my upper-body strength, and has given me the edge.

Tim’s classes are always interesting and fun because each class is different and challenging. Tim shows me how to do the exercises properly and is always telling me to eat good food! My mum is so impressed with Tim’s professionalism that she now goes to FunFit too.

I also started Fun Defence Kids this year and my friends and I are enjoying learning how to keep safe while respecting others

Sally & Tim,
I just wanted to say a big thank you again for doing the warm up at our Walk-A-Thon. The day was a huge success and your enthusiasm, warm up exercises and music certainly got the kids into the groove of things. Thank you again.
Our son has attended FunFit and ninjutsu training with Tim for the past six years. Tim is a fantastic coach – blending deep knowledge of martial arts and functional fitness with a true passion for motivating athletes to achieve their best. Our son has gained strength and confidence in a really supportive fun environment. FunFit is excellent!

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