Group Fitness

Group Fitness for Adults

• Fitness should be fun – and it should make the rest of your life more fun.

• Our workouts are different everyday to keep you challenged and interested.

• Join a community that is supportive and helps you reach your goal.

• These programs are for everyone, from soccer mums to athletes and everyone in between.

• Whether your goal is improved health and wellness, weight loss or specific sporting performance – we can help.

Our training can be scaled to any level of ability so get in touch and come join our family to start your journey to better fitness, better health, and better life.

The first step is On Ramp. Find out more or
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More than just a gym! I would highly recommend FunFit to anyone who is looking to gain strength and confidence as well as to anyone looking to improve their performance in other sports.

As a distance runner, cyclist and dragon-boat racer, I had felt that my sport practices combined with my regular home conditioning were sufficient for my fitness and performance. I first went to a FunFit Elements class simply for something to do with a friend and I have loved it since and have been going back on a regular basis.

Small class sizes allow for a good level of coaching and attention from the trainer and the atmosphere of the facility combines fun with purpose and intent. The gym’s motto of “better than yesterday” is evident through the progressive training and variety of interesting exercises, with a focus on form, proficiency and strength building rather than merely calories burned.

After just a few classes, I not only noticed an improvement in my overall strength and confidence but also in my performance in my other sports as well. Awesome gym, I highly recommend!

Great private gym! Tim is friendly and approachable and the atmosphere of a FunFit session is quite unique! His experience and knowledge is beyond most trainers you’ll meet meaning that you’ll always get value for money and far more attention than you would at a corporate big-box gym.

Tackling that big race or just wanna improve your physical wellbeing? Don’t wait, you’ll have blast and reap amazing benefits! Look forward to seeing you at the next session!

Tim is a transformational coach that I have being training with for last 8 years. Tim uses the principles functional fitness that develops fitness for everyday life. Tim has taken the best of different fitness methodologies to develop his own program. Then scaled that program to challenge me a an individual. If you want a healthier and happier lifestyle than FunFit is worth checking out.
Great local gym with a very welcoming environment. I’ve been training with Tim for almost 2 years and I always enjoyed his personalised approach which helped me to achieve my goals. Tim is always very encouraging and makes each training session challenging, but rewarding.
Tim helped me turn around my health and fitness completely. After 27 years of inactivity, he showed me the way to a healthier, stronger and rewarding way of life, and all in such a short time. My hats off to you my friend.
Tim, thanks again for your demo yesterday afternoon on using the foam roller. I was always under the impression that as long as you felt OK (i.e. no sore points) then that indicated that the body was basically relaxed. Your simple demo yesterday has blown this particular perspective wide apart. I just had no idea that the body could so effectively hide stresses, etc..

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