Kids Ninjutsu (8-12 years)

Ninjas unite!

Your Child Will Achieve More Than Just Learning to Punch and Kick

  • A specialized age-specific curriculum
  • Developing important life skills in a fun, exciting and enriching way
  • Build confidence and have a positive mental attitude
  • Improving motor-skills, concentration and self-control
  • Keep your child physically fit

Kids Ninjutsu Reinforces Universal Values

Many of the same concepts you are teaching your child at home will be consistently reinforced through classroom discussions in your child’s program. Topics such as good manners (which include keeping hands and feet to themselves), respect for one’s self and others, following directions the first time and more!

Make Your Child Safer With Personal Development Lessons

  • Mental, verbal and physical skills to make your child ‘bully-proof’
  • How to spot and avoid dangerous situations
  • Discussions on: “Stranger Danger,””When to Call 000,” “Fire Safety,” “Street Safety” and more

Kids Ninjutsu Helps Prepare Your Child for Life
Ninjutsu will improve your child’s basic motor skills, as well as your child’s positive mental skills. These skills will help your child enter society with a confident and enthusiastic outlook. The Kids Ninjutsu program aims to help your child become a better student in school, a better listener at home and feel more confident and courageous into his/her future.

Tim Brown holds a 5th Dan Black Belt in Ninjutsu, is a qualified Personal Trainer and has 15 years experience teaching Martial Arts to children.

Dear Tim,
I just wanted to say how delighted/proud Eddie was to have “graded” yesterday. He was demonstrating various things to his father last night (while Andrew was trying to eat his dinner!).

He is really enjoying Ninjutsu as well as FunFit classes.

So thanks for doing such a great job with them.

My children have been going to Tim for over two years and they absolutely love it! I think that for boys to be able to defend themselves by learning how to avoid being hurt and also not hurting back is invaluable. I have been impressed by how Tim teaches them how to manage stranger danger situations. I would highly recommend Fun Fit.
Absolutely love fun fit! My son has been going for nearly 2 years now and loves it! Tim is amazing with the kids. He has this amazing ability to keep calm and order in his classes even when the kids can get silly and disruptive. Highly recommend.
MY CHILDREN LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! All three of my children (2 boys and a girl) can’t wait to get to class – they have never laughed so much while learning something that’s so important – I’m sure they don’t even realise how much they are leaning. The knowledge they now have is amazing. I had one of them on the weekend implementing the skills they had learnt without even knowing (ie: how to fall to the ground and protect your head). Highly recommend.
Very happy with all aspects of FunFit. Tim is brilliant with the kids and makes training fun. Highly recommended.

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