Self Defence

Budo Tomo - Self Defence Training Buddies

Self Defence training in Ninjutsu lets anyone, regardless of age, physical prowess or experience, defend themselves using reflexive body movements designed for real life action.

“So you may walk in peace.”

It’s critically important for people to know how to stay out of trouble, but also what to do should they get into a physical confrontation. Functional Self Defence training involves situational awareness, avoidance strategies, mental preparation, verbal dissuasion skills and effective physical techniques and principles. This provides a basic toolkit for conflict resolution.

“While the practice of self-defence may not be compatible with every personality,
ignoring the need for self-defence skills will not make you safe from violence.”
There are many skills we can learn in life. I have found self defence training a value skill in my life. For me it more than the physical skills but the mental and people skills. Self Defence training has given me the confidence to speak up when I have something to say, to say the things that need to be said. Help me be the person I want to be. Thanks Tim keep up the training and awareness.
Tim was an excellent speaker at our local Gordon Area 24/12 Neighbourhood Watch AGM. He spoke about personal safety issues and self defence strategies.

Thank you, Tim, for an interesting, useful and entertaining presentation. You came over as very professional, well-informed and easy to follow. Everyone said they appreciated your talk. You did a great job and I shall make sure other NHW groups know. Thanks indeed.

Dear Tim,
Thank you so much for being such an enjoyable, informative speaker – all the members enjoyed it immensely. Thank you once again for all those tips.

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